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Buttons to Share

If you like this site and want to tell others about it, here are 8 buttons I made for you to choose from. Aren’t they lovely?
You can proudly display any of the following buttons on your own blog! Just pick the gal who you like best or think represents you or your personality the most. BTW these buttons will look great on any colored background!

To display the button just copy all of the html code in the box below the button you want and paste it into your blog. Or …

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RAK: Serve, so love can grow

Most of us are not assigned to visit teach sisters we know and who we may already be friends with.
In 2004 I was assigned to visit teach Hazel with a companion who couldn’t always come. I didn’t know Hazel at all before the assignment she was a return missionary, so I automatically thought there was nothing I could teach her. What could I, one who doesn’t know the scriptures and gospel as well as she does, teach her. She was also super smart and had a college degree, which I …