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[29 Apr 2009 | Comments Off on Reality VT: Take Time Reading the Scriptures | ]
Reality VT: Take Time Reading the Scriptures

Betty Jan Murphy, “Ten Minutes a Room,” Ensign, Dec. 1979, pg 61
After some years of frustration at not being able to accomplish my goals in homemaking, I devised a game for myself that helps our household run more smoothly.
Instead of spending a big chunk of time in any one room of the house at the beginning of each day, I spend up to ten minutes in each room. I time myself by the clock, and when ten minutes are up, I move on. Counting the laundry room, hall, and bathrooms, …

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[28 Apr 2009 | Comments Off on Treat Tuesday #6 | ]
Treat Tuesday #6

Yippy for Treat Tuesday! Okay my favorite one is the S’mores. Matching Printable Tags are available for you, to go along with each fun Treat Tuesday quote. (see PDF below)

23. Chocolate, Marshmallows & Graham Crackers: “We’re looking forward to visiting you S’more.” (I found some coupons online for these items. Target Coupon (expires May-09-09) & Manufacturer Coupon (Have your printer on and ready! Click the coupon link on the left of the manufacturer’s web page. Print it 2 times to purchase more than one.)

24. Veggies and Dip: “Dip into the …

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[21 Apr 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
Treat Tuesday #5

Remember, I’ve created some Matching Printable Tags (see PDF below) for you to go along with each fun Treat Tuesday quote.
Today’s Treats!

18. Any sweet Treat: “You’re so Sweet…having you as Visiting Teachers is really a treat! Have a great week.”

19. Berries: “We’re berry lucky to Visit Teach such a wonderful gal.”

20. Duster: “We’re dust so excited to be your new Visiting Teachers!”

21. Tulip: “It’s never Tu-lip to do your Visiting Teaching.”

22. Refrigerated Cookie Dough: “Everyone needs a little extra dough in this economy. Dough-n’t spend it all at once!”
Download …

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[14 Apr 2009 | Comments Off on Treat Tuesday #4 | ]
Treat Tuesday #4

Phew, made it with 22 min to spare! LOL This week I decided to add Matching Printable Tags (see PDF below) to go along with each fun Treat Tuesday quote. So, now you don’t have to make the tags yourself, I’ll make them for you. (Unless of course, you want to create more work for yourself, who does that?) Just print it on cute paper or cardstock and cut out the tag you need for the “treat” you’ll be giving.
Today’s Treats!

13. Can of something- You can do it! “If …

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[13 Apr 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
Scripture Nuggets Matchbox Template

This is a template which you can print, cut and fold into a cute little matchbox. There are 3 pieces; a drawer, a slip cover & an embellishment all on 1 page. You can fit 6 Hershey Nuggets or Treasures perfectly into the drawer! Great way to gift your chocolates! Click here to view the “scripture nugget labels.”
I’ve created the sample using plain white cardstock just to help make it look generic for any occasion. However, feel free to print it on patterned cardstock to make it look even cuter!

Click …

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[13 Apr 2009 | Comments Off on Scripture Nugget Labels | ]
Scripture Nugget Labels

Here are some candy labels with a few quotes from this month’s Visiting Teaching message which will convince or just remind chocolate lovers to “Search the Scriptures Diligently” or “treasure the scriptures.” You can print these fun labels in color or black & white (see PDF below) then wrap them around your Visiting Teachee’s favorite kind of “Hershey’s Nuggets” or “Hershey’s Treasures” chocolates.
These are what those nugget chocolates look like if you don’t remember. (Let’s hope the candy is on sale because Easter has passed.)

The PDF file has 6 …

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[10 Apr 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
Reality VT: Grateful for Visiting Teachers

I’m thankful for Visiting Teachers! I sometimes get caught up in being a Visiting Teacher that I don’t allow myself to have Visiting Teachers come and visit with me.  I guess, I just know how much time goes into being a Visiting Teacher. I always feel bad having them worry about me. But I have to remember that Heavenly Father blesses all of us for our Visiting Teaching service. How can I deprive those sisters the opportunity for more blessings? How can I say “I don’t need Visiting Teachers,” or …

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[7 Apr 2009 | Comments Off on Treat Tuesday #3 | ]
Treat Tuesday #3

Today’s Treats!

9. Comb or pack of combs – “Scriptures, “comb”-ined with prayer, become an irreplaceable part of gaining and sustaining a strong, vibrant testimony.” Elder Donald L. Staheli, “Securing Our Testimonies,” Ensign Nov 2004.

10. Milk (any kind) – “Milk” the scriptures for all of their worth.

11. Lifesavers Candy or Mini Lifesaver tube – You can’t be a “life saver” if you look like all the other swimmers on the beach.” Elder Dallin H. Oaks April 2009 General Conference, Sunday pm Session.

12. Flashlight – “The future is as bright as …

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[6 Apr 2009 | Comments Off on Reality VT: Scriptures by Molly-Mormon.com | ]
Reality VT: Scriptures by Molly-Mormon.com

Real thoughts & experiences by Real Visiting Teachers = Reality VT
by Molly from Molly-Mormon.com. Her 2 cents on April’s Visiting Teaching Message to “Search the Scriptures Diligently.”
“I remember as a young single woman, feeling like I really wanted to be able to read the scriptures in a way that would keep me focused on reading, yet, not put me in a position where I felt like I “had” to read them a certain way. I am kind of funny that way
if I feel like I have to do something, chances …

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[3 Apr 2009 | Comments Off on General Conference Gift Ideas | ]
General Conference Gift Ideas

So this post is a bit late, but for those of you who are Last Minute people like myself then feel free to take advantage of these free printable ideas and print one off for the sisters you Visit Teach. I promise to give you way more notice next conference.
(These ideas and printables are all found on other sites and they are not my ideas, so I thank all of those who have taken the time to make these and have them available for us to use.)
1. 2009 General Conference …