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Read the B.O.M. in 30 days & Win!

No Joke! This month’s Visiting Teaching message encourages us to read the scriptures more and make them part of our daily lives. I’ll be the first to admit I sometimes skip a day or two or three and those are the days satan starts to creep in and weaken me. So, for this month I want to read the Book of Mormon in 30 days by April 30th! I haven’t ever read the BOM that fast before nor have I even read it as many times as I’m sure you …

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Scripture Reading Calculators

Hm, what if I want to read the entire Book of Mormon in 30 days, 60 days or by April 27th? How many pages per day will that be or how many chapters will I need to read each day to meet my goal? I found some pretty cool tools which will help me with these and other scripture reading goals. Check them out!

Here’s a chart of exactly how many pages and chapters each book has.

Book of Mormon: 531 Pages / 239 Chapters
Doctrine & Covenants: 291 Pages / 138 Chapters
Pearl …

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Why “Treasure” the Scriptures?

This month’s Visiting Teaching message to Search the Scriptures Diligently is great! I’m sure most of us could spend a little more one on one time with our scriptures, especially me. I’m glad I get to find fun and creative ways to motivate myself and others to read and search the scriptures more.

Here’s a cute mini Treasure Chest Printable which includes just a few reasons taken from the message which tells us why we should “treasure” the scriptures.

Download Printable PDF here


Print in color on white or light colored cardstock.
Cut …

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Visiting Teaching Message (Apr ‘09)

Search the Scriptures Diligently – Ensign, Apr 2009, 63

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Why Search the Scriptures?
President Howard W. Hunter (1907–95): “I commend to you the revelations of God as the standard by which we must live our lives and by which we must measure every decision and every deed. Accordingly, when you have worries and challenges, face them by turning to the scriptures and the prophets” (“Fear Not, Little Flock,” in 1988–89 Devotional and Fireside Speeches [1989], 112).

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Scripture Reading Charts

To motivate your sisters, and maybe even yourself, to “search the scriptures diligently” I went out into the World Wide Web in hopes of finding some sweet scripture reading charts. I found a ton! So, instead of creating my own, I will post the good ones I found here with their respective websites so you all can decide which one best fits the needs of the sisters you Visit Teach.
Click on the images to download the PDF.
1. LDS Scripture Reading Charts (all 4) by: The Church of Jesus Christ of …