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Scripture Nuggets Matchbox Template

This is a template which you can print, cut and fold into a cute little matchbox. There are 3 pieces; a drawer, a slip cover & an embellishment all on 1 page. You can fit 6 Hershey Nuggets or Treasures perfectly into the drawer! Great way to gift your chocolates! Click here to view the “scripture nugget labels.”
I’ve created the sample using plain white cardstock just to help make it look generic for any occasion. However, feel free to print it on patterned cardstock to make it look even cuter!

Click …

Gift Ideas, Printables »

[13 Apr 2009 | Comments Off on Scripture Nugget Labels | ]
Scripture Nugget Labels

Here are some candy labels with a few quotes from this month’s Visiting Teaching message which will convince or just remind chocolate lovers to “Search the Scriptures Diligently” or “treasure the scriptures.” You can print these fun labels in color or black & white (see PDF below) then wrap them around your Visiting Teachee’s favorite kind of “Hershey’s Nuggets” or “Hershey’s Treasures” chocolates.
These are what those nugget chocolates look like if you don’t remember. (Let’s hope the candy is on sale because Easter has passed.)

The PDF file has 6 …