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Daughters in My Kingdom Bookmark

22 September 2011 33 Comments

(NOTE: This was designed in Sept 2011 but can be reused this month in 2012 to help enhance your VT message and motivate your sisters to read their wonderful manual/book!)

I’m now the education counselor for our ward’s Relief Society and have been asked to make sure we have enough of the new “Daughters in My Kingdom – The history and work of Relief Society” manuals, as well as make sure each sister gets one. Of course I did cute labels with the sisters names on them and put them on the books, making it easier for me to know who has gotten their manuals and who hasn’t gotten them. I also wanted to design a bookmark to go with the manual, cause just like each of you, I like to “make more work for myself.” Well, that’s what my hubby says. LOL I’m excited about reading it and wanted to do something to help us focus on the manual a little more. I designed these and used the manual cover art as a starting point, so they could match, and added the quote. I LOVE THEM!!! Anyways, once I got them printed, I knew I had to share them with all of you.

It was hard trying to figure out what quote to use, because I wanted it to peak our interest but also say something amazing. Anyway, here’s the quote I picked out from the manual.

“The world’s greatest champion of woman and womanhood is Jesus the Christ.” – Daughters of My Kingdom, Page 3

I thought this was the perfect quote! Hope you like them.

Download the Daughters of My Kingdom Bookmark:
Click the image below to see the large image then just right click and download it to your computer. You can distribute them in Relief Society or even just print one for the sisters you Visit Teach.

1. Download the 4×6 JPG file.
2. Print in Color at your favorite photo printing store in 4×6. (i.e. costco, walmart, etc..) I printed on matte photo paper, choosing the glossy may be a little too shinny because of the fingerprints.
3. Cut them in half, so each bookmark is really 2″x6″
4. Optional: Round the corners, using a corner punch.
5. Optional: Punch a hole at the top above the “flourish.”
6. Optional: Put ribbon through.
7. Distribute as desired.
I didn’t laminate them because they are very nice on the photo paper. You’ll see!


  • Pam said:

    Thank you, I just downloaded it.

  • Rachel said:

    I love these! Is there any ay to get them in spanish! We have a few hispanics in our branch and I would love to be able to hand them one fo these aswell! I love this site!

  • Brandi said:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this post! I just found these and can’t wait to share them with our Relief Society Presidency!

  • Anna said:

    Thank you for sharing these! I am looking forward to making them.

  • Marsha Keller said:

    Thanks so much. I love when sisters share with one another.

  • Megan Buhler said:

    I love this! Thank you for sharing!

  • Dawn-Marie said:

    I sent this to Walmart to have it printed out like you suggested and they called me and told me that I cannot pick them up unless I bring in a copy saying that you give permission. They said something about Federal Law and copyright infringement. It’s so irritating!

  • admin (author) said:

    Dawn-Marie and anyone else who is having trouble printing these,
    Just print out this whole post, with the text, when you go to print these bookmarks it just in case they ask if you have permission. They will know I’m trying to let everyone print it for personal or church use. :) That should prove to them it’s ok, since I specifically say, wal-mart there. Otherwise I can just suggest other places right?! ;) Thanks for liking these!
    ♥ Linda

  • Laree @ Ever Heard of Euless said:

    Hi, came across your site because I’m trying to find scrapbooking paper that will match the cover to the Daughters in My Kingdom book. How did you make yours? Did you just scan in the cover and trim off the top?

    Any info you could give would be nice! I can’t find what I want anywhere. Printing off my own for the whole RS isn’t my first choice, but if nothing else works, that’s what I’ll be doing!

  • Leanne said:

    Wonderful ideas – thank you so much for posting this!

    I sent the .jpg to Costco, but when the photos were printed, they appeared grainy or blurry. Any advice? Is there a way of getting a higher resolution bookmark to download?

  • admin (author) said:

    Leanne, Sorry they came out grainy. That’s the first I’ve heard of them doing that and I printed mine just fine. Remember: 1. When saving the file to your computer, save it the same and don’t resize it. 2. Make sure to upload the “full resolution” version to costco, don’t upload it the “faster” method that will compress it. 3. It’s only meant for 4×6 printing, if you try 5×7 then it will look grainy. Stick to 4×6 cause it’s cheaper anyways. Hope that helps! and good luck! ♥ Linda

  • admin (author) said:

    Laree, That sounds fun! I couldn’t get a whole 12×12 sheet because the books aren’t that big. Yes I took part of the book itself and trimmed it down to fit the size of the bookmark. I didn’t have to scan it, there’s already a digital version of it online that’s high resolution for printing, just search for the book in google images. Then you’ll have to piece it together. Maybe use like the middle part and repeat it to create a actual full paper size. I wouldn’t try it though, that’s way too expensive, you could just find a nice blue or ivory color paper and use that. Seriously! it will be just as cute. But to each her own, if you HAVE to then I am sure it will be ok. Good luck! ♥ Linda

  • Gail said:

    Beautiful bookmark! Where do I click to download? Thank you!

  • Sharon said:

    These bookmarks look absolutely beautiful I would love to print some for the sisters I visit teach. The only problem is I’m not sure how to download them at the full size. When I right click on the image and save it to My Pictures it comes out quite tiny. Is there another way to download. Sorry I’m not up on how to do this. <3

  • admin (author) said:

    Hi Sharon, Glad you like them! So sorry for the confusion. Click the image, to see the large image, THEN just right click and download it to your computer. :) Have fun! ♥ Linda

  • admin (author) said:

    Hi Gail, So sorry for the confusion. Click the image, to see the large image, THEN just right click and download it to your computer. :) But you have to click the small image and it will take you to a page with the large image. Have fun! ♥ Linda

  • Sharon said:

    Thank you so much for giving these instructions so quickly. I have been able to do it now. <3 Sharon

  • Tere said:

    Your page is amazing! It´s difficult to find crafts and ideas for visiting teaching in Spanish, so I thank so much your effort and love for all your sisters around the world.
    Thanks to your site, our Relief Society ward is getting more involved in Visiting Teaching:)

  • Holly B said:

    thank you!! this is exactly the solution I needed TODAY. : )

  • Beckie said:

    Thank you!! It’s beautiful!

  • Pauline Isaksen said:

    Linda, thank you so much for these. I am making 44 copies to give to my sisters at our Stake Leadership meeting in January in Oslo, Norway. Thought you might like to know that they have found their way to the Europeans too! :) Thanks again for beautiful bookmarks! Pauline

  • Susie said:

    really wanted these cuts off at o what am i doing wrong

  • admin (author) said:

    Susie, So sorry girly, it’s not supposed to, it’s exactly 4×6 so make sure whoever is printing it for you does NOT resize it prior to printing. I know Costco resized it and I had to have them redo it so that they wouldn’t resize it. Hope that helps!
    Love you! ♥ Linda

  • admin (author) said:

    Pauline, That’s exciting to know they are all over the globe! I’m glad Im not the only one benefiting from my projects. :) Glad to share! I bet that Leadership meeting would be awesome, so if you have any ideas or pictures which would help the sisters, just email them to me. :) Love you! ♥ Linda

  • Debby said:

    Wow…it´s so beautiful…It’s a pity the message is in English only … I wish it had in Portuguese =´(

  • Karen said:

    why does is say page 3? Just wondering?

  • Candice said:

    These are wonderful! Thank you so much! I would love a PSD layered version so I could make our stake women’s conference invitations match the bookmarks. Is this a possibility? Thank you again!

  • Yolanda said:

    I love these bookmark!, but my ward is in Spanich and I would like this gift for my sisters.
    I enjoyed your site!

  • Martie Miller said:

    DThis is a beautiful handout for my sisters. However, I have tried
    to download it without results. When I click on it to download the
    image comes too large and it cuts off the right side after the word
    Christ. I cannot seem to get it small enough to print it off corr-
    ectly. What to do.

    Martie Miller

  • ArLene said:

    I did have a hard time printing them at Walmart. I ordered them on line and then went to pick them up and they said I had to have a copyright to get them. I asked to talk to a store manager and showed her the web site that said take to Walmart and print, and they let me have them, so you might want to do as suggested above and print the web site and take with you.

  • Desiree said:

    No matter what I do I only get a partial bookmark. Is there anyway you can post the whole bookmark? It would be wonderful! Thank you!

  • Eugenia Lawrence said:

    Thank you. I appreciate the fact that you freely share your ideas. Very helpful. God bless.

  • Maria Perez said:

    Hello Linda,
    I see that there are 2 comments about wishing to have this book marks in spanish, I am not good at the computers and ALL I am finding is LOTS of great ideas in enghish :( PLEASE help us (spanish wards and branches) enjoy the blessings the english wards and branches have. Your book marks are beautiful, we had a goal at the biggining of the year to read “Hijas en mi Reino”in 8 weeks and now at the conclution we are having a lunch. The activity will be: 10 sisters, each will take a chapter and in 10 min. will tell us the part the she enjoyed the best. Please help me this book mart will be perfect

    ANK you
    Maria Perez