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[27 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on Stick to the message? | ]
Stick to the message?

Did you know that you can share any quote, message or “principle you that will bless the sisters you Visit” Teach? With so many different; personalities, trials, talents, circumstances, ages, likes, preferences, careers, etc… There is not one sister who is exactly the same temporally, emotionally or spiritually. You don’t have to stick to the monthly message. Each sister may need a different message at a different time or month in her life. The leaders of The Church select these specific topics and messages which they feel will help all …

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[26 Mar 2009 | 4 Comments | ]
Feed My Sheep Poster

So here’s a cute idea for Relief Society Presidencies or Visiting Teaching Supervisors/Coordinators which I heard is totally cute. It’s called the “Feed My Sheep Poster.”
Use 2 large pieces of white poster board, label each “Feed My Sheep”. Leave one completely white, and draw green grass on the other board, making it look like a field. Display both boards next to each other.
Then cut out one little tiny sheep for each of the sisters in the ward and place them on the blank poster with velcro or magnets. …

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[18 Mar 2009 | Comments Off on What is being a Visiting Teacher? | ]
What is being a Visiting Teacher?

Being a Visiting Teacher is a calling us female members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can have after we become part of the Relief Society (women older than 18 group). The President will assign us a “partner” or “companion” and she’ll also assign us a few sisters of whom we are asked to “watch over.”
“Good visiting teachers know the sisters they visit. They love them, serve them, and help them learn the gospel by the Spirit. They focus on fortifying homes and lives. There is no …