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Buttons or Badges

Do you love VisitingTeaching.net? Do you feel other sisters would too? Share the love and the free printables with a Visiting Teaching Button on your blog or website.

You can proudly display any of the following buttons on your own blog! Just pick the gal who you like best or think represents you or your personality the most. BTW these buttons will look great on any colored background!


To display the button just copy all of the html code in the box below the button you want and paste it into your blog. Or in other words just add an html widget to your layout and paste the text in it! If you need to adjust the size of the button to fit your blog or site, just replace “165” with whatever will fit best.


  • Cami Bodrero said:

    Linda! You are amazing!!! I love this site! I added a button to our blog and plan to add a post about your site (I hope that’s okay). I still haven’t been assigned sisters to visit in our new ward, but I hope I do soon so I can use your great ideas :)

  • Raquel said:

    Linda! Can you translate for portuguese? “Eu ♥ ser professora visitante”… What do you think?

  • Raquel said:

    what is the fonts name?

  • Raquel said:


    I need the buttons # 1, 6 and 8… can you make this for me?

  • julie said:

    They are adorable.

  • admin (author) said:

    Raquel, I finally made these for you, see my post here: http://visitingteaching.net/blog/2009/05/professora-visitantes-portuguese-buttons/
    Good luck and hope you like them. ♥ Linda

  • kim said:

    Hello. This looks like a great site! I was putting your button on my blog but there’s a blue background\square around the button. Can you make any with out the blue square?

  • admin (author) said:

    Thanks Kim, Glad you like it. As for the buttons, the code which I have provided under the button you are copying and pasting says “border=0” this is the code needed to get rid of that blue border. Make sure to include that bit of HTML code in order to keep it border free. ♥ Linda

  • admin (author) said:

    Buttons now available in: English, Portuguese or Spanish.

  • Val said:

    Thanks for the button, I’ve put it on my blog plentyofpicnics.blogspot!

  • Erin Dodge said:


    Can you make button #7 with a caucasian woman with brown hair?

  • Erin Dodge said:


    Is there any way to get all of the buttons put on one sheet of paper and sent to me so I can copy them and give them to the ladies that I teach?


  • Zhiu said:

    I love the ideas in this site. And I specially love the bottons. I live in Mexico and would like to find a button with a lady in dark hair…. I am using it in my ward absolutly.