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Why do you spend time making things for Visiting Teachers?

  • Because I love the Visiting Teaching program! I have a testimony that it works. Read my experience here.

What kind of files are available for download?

  • I like to save my files as Adobe® Acrobat® portable document format (PDF) files. Adobe Reader version 7.0 is required to view all PDF files. However, at times I may use different file formats depending on the purpose of the file. I’ll always let you know what kind of file it will be.

How do I save the files onto my computer so I can print them?

  • Click the links or the images to download the PDF files as directed on the page. If this does not work, you may need to click and hold (Mac) or right click on the link (PC), then choose “Download to Disk,” “Save Target As…,” or the equivalent. You can print the files from your computer once you’ve downloaded or saved them.

Can I submit a story, tip, trick, craft, poem, song, printable, experience, class, workshop, video or other for use on this site?

  • You sure can! Just fill out the form here. If you’d like to advertise on the site please fill out the form here.

Where are the FAQs about Visiting Teaching?

  • You can find those on the LDS.org site of course. If you have other questions or comments fill out the contact form or post a comment on the page or post you have a question or comment about.

What does R.A.K. stand for?

  • Random Acts of Kindness

Where do you get most of your darling images and fun fonts?

  • I get most of the digital images and fun fonts I use for the free printables from LetteringDelights.com. (Yes, they know I use their digital products on this site for the printables.) If I didn’t include where I’ve gotten my images, it’s because those images can not be found or sent from anywhere or anyone because they were created by me. See Q&A below.

I love your images, can I get the image(s) which you used on a printable to use for Primary, Young Women or other program?

  • Wow! I’m humbled by the fact that you are interested in something I’ve designed. While, I would love to provide all of you with my “raw” images for other worthy church projects, I feel I’ve only dedicated some of my precious time to the Visiting Teaching program. I’m sure, several of you feel that it may not take up too much time, however it’s surprising even to me that I do receive a lot of requests and therefore feel I need to post my reason for not providing you with the file(s). I don’t want to play favorites, cause let’s be honest, I don’t even know you, except that you’re a great Visiting Teacher. I also don’t feel right accepting $$ for the work that I do for Visiting Teaching and therefore don’t post Google ads, or ads that help you lose weight or whiten your teeth. LOL That’s just me! I dedicate myself to helping the Visiting Teachers further their work of being a better Visiting Teacher. So, this is NOT a job for me but a labor of love. If however, you’d like to use an image from one I’ve used, to make a different Visiting Teaching Handout or Visiting Teaching Tag or something for Visiting Teachers, I would be happy to research this further with you and possibly work something out. Please know that I love and appreciate your dedication to all of your other callings, besides that of being a great Visiting Teacher and hope that this did not offend you, The Church could not run without you. I only wish I had that much time in a day/week/year. LOL Maybe I will and then I can start all sorts of other websites (besides the 5, I already run.)


  • jill said:

    First, let me just say how much i love your website. As a new VT supervisor it is a lifesaver!

    But I do have a question that no one seems to be able to answer–and I’ve looked on various church sites and asked the Relief Socity presidency. How do count VT? Does each visit count or does it count just once? For example, if I visit Sister Jones in May,June and July does that count as three visits or just one? I know it’s a really dumb question but no one seems to have an answer how how to report it and I want to report it accurately.


  • admin (author) said:

    Awe shucks, you’re too nice. Glad you like the site!
    Well, you know me, I pretend to know everything about VT, so I’m glad you asked. LOL j/k.
    Short answer: Totally 3 separate counts, should be reported at the end of each month as a visit in the home, if that’s what you did.
    Long answer:
    I think it definitely depends on your Bishop and how they collect the information from the Relief Society. What our RS is doing now is collecting info like: Did we visit in home, did we call, did we share the message, did we do anything else, did we write a note, did we try to make an appointment to visit, if so how many times? I think they said 3 times is a valuable effort. Did we leave a copy of the message with the sisters? Then we have to ask them if they are doing their daily essentials like Praying, Reading Scriptures and making time to go the Temple. I’m assuming they are collecting a lot more data for their numbers. But a visit is still a visit.
    When I was a VT supervisor, (3.5 yrs ago) I only collected info such as if a visit/call/note had been made/sent or some kind of contact with the sister for each month so they knew they were being cared for. Even if the sisters just went out to lunch or something we counted it as a visit.
    I know that our ward tallies things for each month cause I am told to report it. So, if you visited your sisters as you described above each month, that would be counted 3 separate times and would have been reported at the end of each of those months. Not just 1 time. From what I understand each month is calculated separately so unless your ward tallies things up each quarter I think it’s safe to count it 3 times. Unless you visit the same sister 2 times for that month, it does count as a completed visit or a sister who has been Visit Taught for the month.
    Sorry this is so long. So, I would ask your RS Pres. again, maybe she was distracted and didn’t understand the question, they do have a lot on their minds. If you’re trying to calculate numbers on previous months then maybe they don’t need it anymore so that’s why they say just 1 because it’s too late to report other months and therefore just 1 for the current month. ???
    But as we know we’re not supposed to look at our assigned sisters as numbers or percentages but as friends being loved, served and spiritually fed. But I know you’re the Supervisor so that’s why you’re asking and so you’re needing to report numbers.
    I sure hope this somewhat answers your question and doesn’t spark more questions. LOL Cause I am known to confuse peeps.
    BTW…there are no dumb questions. Obviously you’re just trying to fulfill your calling. :)
    Well, let me know what you think.
    Thanks for asking!
    ♥, Linda
    P.S. If anyone else has anything to add to this comment reply, please feel free to jump in and enlighten us.

  • Rossana said:

    Hello Linda,
    First of all thank you for this wonderful website you’ve created. I love it!:)
    I really hope you can help me with the following. I’ve been looking for ideas on how to go about reporting “our monthly visits”. I’ve looked in many different websites but no luck really. I would love and appreciate any help/idea you or anyone may have as far as reporting visits. Maybe tracking sheets ideas or anything, please. I really love the idea “Feed my Sheep” and so I’m contemplating that one, but if you have any more ideas I would truly appreciated.
    Thank You again:)

  • admin (author) said:

    Hi Rossana,
    Thanks for taking a sec to comment and thanks for the super nice compliments.
    Ah Tracking Visiting Teaching…it’s essential yet usually overlooked, missed and sadly it’s never as cute as we’d love it to be, right. You’re great for wanting to make tracking a part of your RS and keeping it in the front of the sisters minds. Yes the sheep poster is way cute! My fave and therefore I posted it on the site. But I am sure there could be other ways to track it too. Some questions about the tracking.

    1. Who’s doing the tracking? The Visiting Teachers, Supervisors, Coordinators or RS Pres
    2. Something for each Month or for the year?
    3. Tracking for personal use or for display? to remind the sisters to visit their sisters

    It makes a difference because if you just want something for you to track your visits, then I could make something fairly simple and probably could take up 1 sheet of paper. To track the whole RS could be a bit more time consuming for the person putting it together like yourself, but would make a greater impact and be really cute, of course. LOL

    BTW in case you want to display it for the whole RS, here’s some basic ideas:
    1. Chart with all the sisters names on them, columns for each month and put a “star” or sticker of some kind when that sister has been visited. (like in school)
    2. Similar to the sheep poster but you could turn the sheep into little smiley faces on one side and sad face on the other side and put the sisters name or code number on it so you know who’s been Visit Taught.
    3. Cut out little instruments and put each sisters name/code on it. Cut out a big case and put it towards the bottom of the poster then cut out big hands and put them at the top and at the beginning of the month all instruments are in the case but then those who’ve Visit Taught can put their instruments in the hands. Signifying being an instrument in the Lord’s hands.

    Let me know if you like any of those and I can design something for you to print. I’m sure you’re cute and creative and can do any of those I’ve suggested if you like them enough, but let me know if you want more input..

    Good luck!
    ♥ Linda