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“The Companion” Newsletter

The idea for this newsletter has been in the works for a while now, so with great pleasure here are the details of the newsletter. 1st of all she will be called, The Companion! This Newsletter is meant to help all of us sisters become the best Visiting Teachers, similarly the way you and your companion compliment each other, think of it as your 3rd Companion. I’ve had a 3rd Comp before and it’s seriously the best help one can have. Your 1st comp, is of course Heavenly Father, and your 2nd comp is the sister who you’ve been assigned to Visit Teach with. I chose this sister (the short brown hair) to be “The Companion” because she looks just like my dream companion, I won’t mention any names. I only hope that this Newsletter will be able to keep up with her and do her justice.

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The idea, wish, dream & goal is to have this newsletter in your email in-box by the 1st of each month. Here’s what she will include…

  • Monthly Message
  • Easy message Enhancer to print & make
  • Some pre-made gift suggestions from some trusted sisters
  • A spotlight (a sister who has shared some personal story about VT) – submit yours here!

This info is of course meant to help you and if you ever have any suggestions, ideas or concerns, just reply to the emails you are sent or contact me here.