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[20 Oct 2009 | 4 Comments | ]
Treat Tuesday #29 – Pumpkin Recipe Cards

Today’s Treat (which was supposed to be Tuesday’s treat, LOL) was forwarded to me by my MIL (mother-in-law), Judy. They are super fun Recipe Cards w/ recipes in the shape of Pumpkins! She said she was going to print them and give them to the sisters she Visit Teaches and thought that it would be cute for other sisters as well. I TOTALLY agree! Seems like they come from Kate’s Kitchen, but Kate didn’t include her last name, so I couldn’t ask Kate’s permission, my MIL said to share. So, …

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[13 Oct 2009 | 9 Comments | ]
Treat Tuesday #28 – Paper Pumpkin

Today’s Treat was something I should have thought of sooner, cause it’s too cute. I saw it on a few children’s websites (would have saved some time if they would have had templates). It still seemed simple enough for me to make and for you to print, so I decided it was definitely something worth designing. I think this is the one I’m going to use. I included several excerpts of Pres. Hinckley’s quote from October’s Message on each of the strips of paper which make up the Paper Pumpkin. …

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[6 Oct 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
Treat Tuesday #27 – Watering Can

Today’s Treat is designed and provided by Chris Christensen from St. George, UT. Thanks Chris!!! She designed these fun Visiting Teaching Tags which go along with October’s Message. She has even visited all of her sisters already. She’s so on top of things! She, plus all of you early birds, are my shining examples. I just love that you ladies are so dedicated to being “the first” instruments in the Lord’s hands. I want to be like all of you when I grow up. :)

77. Watering Can or Flowers: …

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[22 Sep 2009 | Comments Off on Treat Tuesday #26 – Reason = Riesen | ]
Treat Tuesday #26 – Reason = Riesen

Today’s Treat has yet another quote from September’s Visiting Teaching Message. (I think this could be my last treat/tag having to do with this month’s message.)
So, today my Visiting Teachers came over (with a treat too!) and although they didn’t share the exact quote below, they helped me to realize that we do the things we need to do so that we’re ready for the trials that come. Some have more faith than others and pray for trials, I don’t think I am even close to being there yet, praying …

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[15 Sep 2009 | 7 Comments | ]
Treat Tuesday #25 – Anxiously Engaged

Today’s Treat is another great enhancer for this month’s Visiting Teaching Message. When I said this month had great quotes, I meant it! I think this one is my favorite. Why? Well, it’s mainly because this one has something to do with being a “girl’s best friend.” That’s right ladies, lets get those diamonds out and show them off. No…j/k! I wanted us to remember that just like diamonds are a girls best friend, we too need to be a friend and more to the sisters we Visit Teach, we …

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[8 Sep 2009 | Comments Off on Treat Tuesday #24 – Batteries | ]
Treat Tuesday #24 – Batteries

Today’s Treat has been addressed by 2 sisters and it goes perfectly with this month’s message. First it was discussed by Chris Christensen from St. George, UT.
Her Visiting Teachers like to come early in the month and Chris likes to give sisters a little extra to ponder. Here’s what happened.
“During our discussion of the lesson, I asked the gals if they noted the audiences to which the analogies would relate. They hadn’t considered it. Maybe I was reading too much into it. {I don’t think so, I hadn’t thought …

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[1 Sep 2009 | Comments Off on Treat Tuesday #23 – Trix Cereal | ]
Treat Tuesday #23 – Trix Cereal

Today’s Treat is perfect if; you know your sisters love cereal, if they have kids or if you have a ton of Trix cereal in your house. It’s hard for me to figure out a new way to let the sisters know we’re there for them without being annoying or pushy. So, here is one more way to let them know you’re there for them and you don’t even have to bake it. I love that!

71. Trix Cereal: All ‘Trix’ aside, we are always thinking of you. Call us …

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[22 Aug 2009 | Comments Off on Treat Tuesday #21 – Pencil Tags (Tri-Lingual) | ]
Treat Tuesday #21 – Pencil Tags (Tri-Lingual)

Today’s Treat (Yes, I know it’s Saturday but I still owed you all one because I had to go out of town spur of the moment.)

Huge thanks to Gladys Araneda, from Santiago, Chile. Muchisimas gracias Gladys! I am posting some pre-made tags which she made, they can be attached to some No. 2 pencils. Take advantage of those Back-to-School specials and get a pack of pencils for the sisters you Visit Teach.
Here’s how her pencils turned out.

She attached the tags with Ribbons and even glued a little rose bud …

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[11 Aug 2009 | Comments Off on Ribbon Scripture Bookmarks | ]
Ribbon Scripture Bookmarks

Today’s Treat can be made from some scraps of ribbon and some plastic craft canvas (the kind with a ton of squares usually for yarn projects). They are Ribbon Bookmarks! I made these myself and have them in my scriptures (quad) and are very handy and totally add color to your scriptures. Most importantly, they help me to know where I am for various studying needs, like Sunday School, Personal & Family Scripture Study and then just a couple others for scriptures I like to look back on. There are …

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[4 Aug 2009 | Comments Off on Treat Tuesday #20 – Pocket watch | ]
Treat Tuesday #20 – Pocket watch

Today’s Treat is also a Message Enhancer. It’s a Pocket watch! See printable PDF below. This pocket watch has 2 quotes from the August 2009 Visiting Teaching Message.
70. Clock, watch, Pocket Watch:

“The Lord has told us that our time should ‘be devoted to the studying of the scriptures’ (D&C 26:1) and that ‘the Book of Mormon and the holy scriptures are given … for [our] instruction.” (D&C 33:16)” Julie B. Beck, General Relief Society President, My Soul Delighteth in the Scriptures, Ensign, May 2004)
“We cannot waste time entertaining ourselves when …